Savannah Destination Bachelor Party

Congrats! You’ve been given the esteemed title of ‘Best Man’ and you now have the task of planning an epic Savannah destination bachelor party. Well, at some point before the big day comes, you will need to write an amazing speech… but for the time being, you get to put all of your energy into planning this top-notch bachelor party!  Don’t sweat it – you got this!

Savannah, GA is a city of beauty, historic charm, and a plethora of local businesses that happen to be deeply rooted in the wedding and destination wedding scene.  Think it’s just a beautiful city to host a beautiful wedding? Think again!  This city LOVES bachelor and bachelorette revelers.

When most think of bachelor parties, the routine assumptions strike the mind immediately… strip clubs,  steakhouses, and random bar hopping (Savannah does offer all of this as well! lol).  

Of course, not every husband-to-be wants the routine “wing it” scenario for his big night out. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to get creative with bachelor party ideas, tailored to your friend’s tastes.

Before we go into the highlights, here is some helpful advice on funding this guys getaway:

Be clear about money.

If you’re asking for cash in advance, make sure you are 100% clear about how much everything costs. Don’t estimate low and then ask for more later. There shouldn’t be surprises along the way, like cover charges and hotel fees. This is especially key if you have guests on a budget.

Use CashApp.

…or any cash transfer app that’s easiest for you and your group.  Make sure you collect the money that’s owed to you, if you’re the one booking things in advance. A simple, efficient process can be utilized by the cash app for quick and easy payment transfers. This is extremely helpful in splitting checks at the restaurant or bar, or simply dividing up the total sum of the guys getaway.  Now… onto the fun part!

Beach Bros:

Tybee Island is just a short drive from the beautiful Savannah historic district and offers many comforts for a great weekend stay including cozy beach front cottages, Air BnB’s  or condos and local restaurants that feature amazing beachfront or marshside views and in-season, fresh seafood. You have options to hit the waves by jet-ski, check out the island on rented scooters, charter a dolphin tour or engage in some offshore fishing.

Downtown Grind:

If you’re best mate would prefer something more of a downtown vibe, consider The Gingerbread House located in the perfect section beginning into the downtown district and minutes away from the beautiful Forsyth Park.  Pssst… when you contact The Gingerbread House, you may ask to speak with the General Manager Sarah Wright… tell her Alicia Arocho sent you!  This beautiful and widely known historic home can house all of the grooms party. Actually, many destination wedding seekers book this home to host their wedding and reception!  You are surrounded by so many great restaurants to enjoy throughout your stay.  You’ll never have to repeat a spot (unless you want to) and nearing the downtown area, you can book a uber with a wait time of single digit minutes.

Heads up about downtown Savannah: We have an Open Carry Law!  This means you are allowed to carry your alcoholic beverage around the designated downtown district as you scale from one venue to the next.  Please note, open carry and open container do not mean the same thing.  While you may enjoy your drink as you walk from one destination to the next, you will have to finish your beverage before you enter your uber/lyft.  With that tidbit out there… consider booking a tour of Savannah’s new and first distillery since the prohibition at Ghost Coast Distillery.  Downtown Savannah has a thriving bar scene from River Street all the way to Drayton Street (The Original Pinky Masters and McDonoughs are the best bars on Drayton) and a hugely populated area right in the middle of it all is Savannah City Market/Ellis Square.  Bay street/River Street hosts four different hotels with rooftop bars and each one is amazing.  There are also new collections of rooftop bars on Congress Street and Drayton Street!

In the heart of City Market you have over 10 bars with DJ’s and bars with live bands and if you walk up a block and a half, you can find Alleycat Lounge (literally in the alley.)  Dinner can hit every taste the Groom can imagine.  CO offers some of the best sushi and pho, Hitch has amazing appetizers and specialty drinks, The Olde Pink House serves delicious fish and sweet potato and has a great cigar bar, Mrs. Wilkes serves /the best/ southern comfort foods hands down and Garibaldi serves great seafood. This is just to name a few for you to look into booking reservations for your group.  New restaurants and rooftop bars are constantly popping up!

Located on the same strip as The Gingerbread House (Bull Street) this street alone has been transformed into a new scene with great restaurants, cafes, bars and even a food truck yard (Starland Yard)


During your guys weekend celebration (the main point for this post in offering different options to hosting an amazing bachelor party ) don’t forget to think about the downtime, the relaxation from work and families and the mundane go-go-go of your everyday lives.  Take the time to sit outside and feel the breeze at the beach-house or catch up over great stories and a glass of whiskey, like the gentlemen you are, in that vintage Victorian home.  One more option for something different for you to make this the most amazing and different party for your group:  Massage!  Make this party more personal – instead of having to share the downtime part with strangers at a spa – and book a massage therapist to come to you and the guys!

Book a massage party for your Savannah destination bachelor party

with Productive and Therapeutic Massage before you begin your downtown party plans if alcohol is involved or a day after for recuperation.  Your therapist(s) will come to your location with a portable massage table, linens, music, and cream.  You can request thirty or sixty minute back-to-back sessions for each member in your party (services will be booked on an hourly basis) and choose if you want one therapist to cover it or multiple to cut down on time.  You are charged by the hour; per therapist and reserving a date, payment options, tipping options, intake forms are all streamlined to provide you with the easiest and most efficient booking process as possible.  The day of your party all you have to do is have your printed forms prepared and you and the guys can enjoy therapeutic bliss!  It is always suggested you reserve your date and time preferences at least 2-3 weeks before the party.  I can answer any questions you may have about this process.  This contact form can help you get started.

This will be one hell of a guys getaway and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

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